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GC TECHNOCRAFT PTE LTD was incorporated in Singapore in year 2001. The company distributes MYONIC miniature ball bearing which is ISO or ABEC precision graded meant for demanding applications.

These bearings are used in the building of process equipment for semiconductor, medical/dental, aerospace, defence, precision instrument, gas flow measurement, and other high-performance manufacturing equipment.

Type of customers include:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Contract Manufacturer
  • Repair / Service Centre
  • Government Agencies and Research Institutions

Original warranty terms and technical support, as well as sales terms and conditions, are extended by MYONIC through GC TECHNOCRAFT to customers. Delivery period of product to different destinations in Asia has been shorten by the existence of Inventory in Singapore.

GC TECHNOCRAFT PTE LTD is a statutory member of Singapore Business Federation which is gazetted organization by Singapore government, and our company is one of the top 1,000 highest paid-up capital companies in the Federation.

Our Products

Our bearing is created to withstand extreme working environments such as high degree miniaturization, elevated or freezing temperature, high vacuum, low level of noise, rotational speed up to 400,000 rpm, aggressive corrosive chemical attack, prolong operation life, unwavering pin-point precise positioning, etc.

These bearings are ABEC or ISO graded on precision levels and come with both metric and Imperial dimensions.

Our engineer or customer is able to achieve intended performance of the bearing by specifying parameters such as:

  • Radial-Play Tolerance
  • Fit and Clearance Tolerance
  • Graded Bore Diameters
  • Types of Cage
  • Rings, Balls, Retainers and Seal/Shield Material
  • Types and Volume of Lubrication
  • Noise and Vibration Tested
  • Starting Torque
  • Duplex with preload, etc
Product Categories

Ball Bearing

  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Spindle Ball Bearing
  • Axial Deep Groove Ball Bearing
  • Customized Design Ball Bearing
  • Bearing Unit
Product Categories

Combined Load Bearing

  • Combined Load Bearing
Product Categories


  • Spring Washers
  • Shims
  • Circlips
  • Retaining Rings
  • Ceramic Balls

Business Partner

World leading super-precision miniature bearing manufacturer from Germany

    Member of Japan MinebeaMitsumi Group


Environmental Conditions constrained by:

  • Transfer Robot for Semiconductor & LCD Production Facilities
  • Conveyor for Sputtering Equipment
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment Door Opening/Closing Mechanism
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition Machine
  • Etching Machine
  • Hard Disk Sputtering Systems
  • Liquid Crystal Panel Bonding Machine
  • Wafer Transfer Device
  • Vacuum Evaporation Equipment
  • Turbo Molecular Pump
  • X-Ray Tube
  • Bogies in Furnaces
  • Corrugated Cardboard Production Facilities
  • Conveyers Inside Kilns
  • Guide Roller for Tube Annealing Furnaces
  • Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing System
  • Centrifugal Bonding Separator
  • Aluminum Foil Electrolytic Capacitor Production Facility
  • Liquid Crystal Polarizing Film Production Facility
  • Wafer Cleaner Spin Dryer
  • Chemical Mechanical Polishing Process Cleaner
  • Electron Beam Exposure Machine
  • Ultrasonic Motor in Magnetic Resonance Imagers
  • DVD Sputtering Machine
  • Motor
  • Photographic Film Production Facilities
  • Turbocharger
  • Spindle for Machine Tool
  • Polygon Scanner Motor
  • Switched Reluctance Motor
  • Steel Wire Stranding Machine
  • Jet Electrostatic Coating Machine
  • Inline Skates
  • Micro Gas Turbine Generator


57 Mohamed Sultan Road #04-05.
Sultan Link, Singapore 238997